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Student Association  
Student Association

Associations of Theoretical Study:

Association of Reading Deng Xiaoping of School of Roads and Bridges, Association of Reading Deng Xiaoping of Automobile School, Association of Reading Deng Xiaoping of Shipping School, Association of Reading Deng Xiaoping of School of Mechanics and Electronics, Association of Reading Deng Xiaoping of Information School, Association of Reading Deng Xiaoping of School of Transportation Management, Editorial Department of Youth of Zhejiang Institute of Communications, Yafeng Literary Association, and Zhulin Book Association.

Associations of Academic Research:

Surveying and Mapping Association, Computer Club, Animation Club, Sinology Society, Electromechanical Service Society, Automobile Amateur Club, Calligraphy and Painting Society, Association of Liangzhu Culture and Canal Culture, Future Navigator Association, English Association, and Bridge Model Manufacture Association.

Associations of Public Service:

Association of Vocational Counsel and Career Development for Undergraduates, Action Encouragement Team, Tourism Association, Association of Young Volunteers, Association of Logistics Management Innovation for Undergraduates, Quality Development Association, and Association of Psychological Counseling.

Associations of Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

Electronic Commerce Association, Marketing Association of Communication Star, Association of Three Accomplishments, and Future Entrepreneur Association.

Associations of Hobbies and Interests:

Orientation Movement Association, Vigorous Dancing Club, Guitar Club, Health Club, Basketball Association, Volleyball Association, Table Tennis Association, Association of Chess and Cards, Photography Association, Handcraft Association, Tennis Association, Brothers Boxing Association, badminton Association, ND Dancing Society, Football Association, Street Corner Club, and Lianyuan Drama Society.

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