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The 2016 Graduation Night of School of Roads and Bridges
2016-06-07 15:10 CHEN Yi  审核人:

On the evening of May 26th, the 2016 graduation day for School of Roads and Bridges Department was held in the auditorium of ZJIC campus. Wang Yimin, President of ZJIC, attended the cheerful occasion with over 800 students and teachers.

The ceremony began with a speech from Zhang Zhengwen, Head of Roads and Bridges Department. He expressed his congratulation to all the 2016 graduates who have completed study successfully and also encouraged them to keep grateful, enthusiastic,kind-hearted and generous after graduating. Wang Yimin, President of ZJIC, addressed a warm speech to congratulate the 2016 graduates on successful finish of campus life. He made a grateful acknowledgement for their understanding and support to our school. He hoped they could devote themselves to their career,insist on lifelong learning and keep friendships between classmates. He also stressed ZJIC could always be their strong backing. Then two student representatives addressed speeches to convey their feelings to their teachers,classmates and campus life.

After the speech, the evening party started with the exciting music,fighting, as photos showing on the screen collected from the 2016 graduates, which record their splendid three-year college life. This 2016 graduation night of School of Roads and Bridges opened with the theme ofthe best of us. Liao Chaochen, one of the 2016 graduates, performed the song ofus,which was composed and written all by himself. The sweet child, gotten, counting starand other songs were performed by students from the school band and Liao Chaochen as well.

The evening party ended with the song sung by the teachers and student representatives from School of Roads and Bridges. The 2016 graduates in attendance jointly recalled and commemorated their unforgotten college life. The college served as a new start and a vital milestone of one’s life and the evening party had vividly shown the 2016 graduates ZJIC would always be their backing.

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