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Welcome back “home”
2016-06-07 16:19   审核人:

On the morning of25th May 2016,the students’Union of the Transportation Management Department decorated trees, lawn and the statue with balloons, ribbons and cards to welcome the junior students' first -day return from their internship.

In order to create a welcome atmosphere, students began the decoration as early as 5:45 in the morning. The decorations used are also meaningful: the color of orange represents warmth and care; balloon means “welcome back home”; ribbons and cards express teachers' blessing and best wishes. With a long time of hard work, the place has been decorated into a cozy home, which attracts many other students to stop and take photos. After the decoration, all the participants took a photo together. They hoped they would also receive such a sincere blessing and welcome when they return from internship years later.

Such a kind of activity is meaningful, as it can remind the students about to graduate of a sweet memory.Moreover, it also conveys the best wishes and blessing from all leaders and teachers in the department. That is: Wish everyone a bright future.

PS: The Transportation Management Department was reorganized in March 2014. It now covers four majors of business English, human resource management, physical distribution management,and traffic operation management, with altogether 50 teachers and more than 500 students.Besides, it cooperates with Administration Bureau for Road Transport of Zhejiang Province to build a logistics training base which includes logistics sand table training room, logistics system simulation training room, logistics information processing training room and logistics practice training room.

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