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Welcome, Georgian students!
2016-09-21 14:40   审核人:


Welcome, Georgian students!


 Georgian students had arrived! Yesterday, at Xiaoshan International Airport, teachers from the International Exchange Center met Georgian students , a group of one boy and 4 girls,  which started a new page for the promotion of internationalization in ZJIC.




  Georgian students are enrolled as international students in an one-year Chinese Program which can date back to the ZJIC delegation’s visiting to Georgia under the Organization of Zhejiang Provincial Education Department and Commerce Department to implement The Belt and Road Initiative this February. Attaching more importance to promote the level of internationalization, President Wangyimin led the delegation and inspected the educational environment in Georgia . With the effort of Director Jinhuting and other staff in International Exchange Center, a Chinese program with favorable policies was customized for Georgian students.

Now, after going through various difficulties, the Chinese Program was successfully launched upon the arrival of 5 Georgian students. Director Jinhuting met the students and expressed his concern to students at their stepping out of the campus bus. Director Jin, together with staffs from the International Exchange Center and Miss Lvlan from the College of Humanities, the teacher in charge of the Georgian students, sent the students to the ZJIC Hotel and helped them with check-in.



 Tomorrow is another day! Hopefully Georgian students will have a pleasant and fruitful stay in ZJIC in the coming year.




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