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Dormitory Regulation for Oversea Students in ZJIC
2016-10-28 14:31 zwhzbx  审核人:

Dormitory Regulation for Oversea Students in ZJIC

In order to ensure an environment of safety, order, tidiness and comfort for students to live in, our institute formulates following principles.


1.Registered foreign students can apply for campus dorm with valid passport and visa,and the letter of admission is required as well.

2.After the rooms in the dormitories have been assigned and distributed, transferring rooms privately without permission is not allowed. If there is only one student live in a double room, the college has right to have another student to move in, or make reasonable arrangement under the premise of considering the difference of habits and customs.

3.Deposit one thousand yuan (full payment) as guarantee when you check in. It would be returned when you check out. Students also need to apply for a badge. If facilities in the dorm are damaged,damages will be accordingly deducted from the deposit.

4.Remember to make an extension of your passport and visa in advance. Students are not qualified to live in dormitory if your passport and visa are invalid.

5.Remember to go to service desk to register again when you make an extension of passport and visa.

6.If students have to leave the dorm for more than 3 days, please go to the service desk to register (It is also necessary when you come back).

Dorm Management

1.Students must abide by the Constitution of the People's Republic of China, Chinese law, and the university’s regulations (including dormitory regulation).

2.Students must live in the room assigned by the university and obey the arrangement made by related department. Transferring and renting out rooms are not allowed. Put up outsiders for the night in the dormitory is prohibited.

3.Gambling, excessive drinking, drug taking, stealing, scuffling, and the behavior that violate Chinese law and university regulation are prohibited. Smoking is not allowed in dormitory.

4.Observing public discipline and keep quiet in the campus dorm. Making a racket in not allowed. No loud music. The use of computer and stereo set should not disturb others.

5.Parties with more than 5 people are prohibited. The get-together with less than 5 people can be held in certain places after informing the staff. Religious activities are not permitted.

6.Take good care of public property. Do not vandalize monitor, fire hydrant, fire distinguisher, and emergency lighting. Do not leave footprints or scribble on the wall. Students must pay the full price if they cause damage to public equipment.

7.Keep your residence clean and tidy. Do not advertise, doodle, litter, or spit around. Do not occupy shared areas. Do not hang clothes in windows or on the outside of the residence. Do not throw or drop anything whatsoever from windows. No pets are allowed.

8.Keep your room clean and tidy at all times with a good hygienic habit. Put rubbish/litter into rubbish bin and keep the corridors clean.

9. Use electricity and water on demand. Note fire and electrical safety. You must not interfere with electrical wiring or equipment, nor overload any electrical circuits by the use of too many electrical appliances. All high powered electrical equipment is not allowed and will be confiscated.

10. Caution of fire. No explosive, inflammable or dangerous materials may be kept or burned in the dormitories. Touching or destroying any fire appliance is forbidden. Cut all the electricity in case leaving for a long time.

11. No prohibited substances may be carried into the guest room or dormitory.

12. For reasons of safety, residents are responsible for watching over all their personal belongings including important certificates. Check all the doors and windows before leaving the room.

13. Guests of dormitory resident will be required to obey the visiting hours (10:00-22:00). Entrance is only allowed after depositing an identifying document and filling out the guest registration form at the service desk. Leaving is required before 22:00 once the visiting hour terminates. Otherwise the service staff is responsible to ask the person to leave.

Check-out Procedures

1. Submit the moving out application form beforehand in case of moving out of the dormitory. Follow the check-out procedures once approved by the superintendent.

2. For those who have submitted the check-out application or up to the boarding time, be aware of removing all personal belongings from the room include the key, card, and settle all the fees and charges. If not qualified as our boarding students any more, it is required to move out of the dormitory within the time limit. Otherwise the school becomes in charge of the objects.

Violation of Regulations

1. In case of damaging any public belongings, materials, or fire appliance, the person is required to pay the full price. The deposit for accommodation will not be returned for those do not make the payment.

2. In case of violating the regulations, any charge from 50-500 Yuan can happen or even forbid one's further accommodation according to different situations.

3. In case of violating the law of country, administrative regulations, local rules, and penalized by the police or juridical office, the school will be entitled to terminate one's dormitory accommodation and submit the issue to the police.

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