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Campus Security Education for Foreign Students
2016-10-28 14:37   审核人:

Campus Security Education for Foreign Students

In order to strengthen the awareness of security and self-management of students, and let them have a further understanding of China's national condition, the campus safety education is necessary for the foreign students in our university.

1.Foreign students should carry your passport and visa when you go out, for the foreign affairs police above the countylevelhave right to check the documents when they are at work.

2.Campus Safety

Cases of high-incidence: pilferage, robbery (pay close attention to these belongings: cash, mobile phone, computer, bike).

a.Dormitory Security

*Lock the windows and door when you leave the room.

*Put away your mobile phone and laptop and do not leave large amounts of cash in dorm.

*refuse door-to-door selling

b. Public Places Security

* Do not use your bag to reserve seats in canteen, library, and classroom.

* Watch over your valuable belongings in public places

* Watch over your valuable belongings when you do some sports on the playground.

C. Traffic Security

* Walk on the sidewalk when you are on the streets.

* Abide by the traffic signals when you crossing the streets.

* Do not climb the fence or other traffic partitions.

* Do not poke your head out of a car window.

* Do not ride on traffic tools without legal permission.

D. Fire Control Security

* Use electricity and water on demand. Note fire and electrical safety. You must not interfere with electrical wiring or equipment, nor overload any electrical circuits by the use of too many electrical appliances. All high powered electrical equipment is not allowed and will be confiscated.

*Caution of fire. No explosive, inflammable or dangerous materials may be kept or burned in the dormitories. Touching or destroying any fire appliance is forbidden. Cut all the electricity in case leaving for a long time.

E. Tips for Fire Escape

* install a fire alarm and a sprinkler

* Crawl down on the floor after opening the door

* do not run if your clothes are on fire

* do not use elevator


1.Avoid having conversations involving sensitive topics (religion, politics, international relationship)

2.Do not be easily convinced by some information on the internet. Do not make a remittance to strangers.

3.Students must abide by the Constitution of the People's Republic of China, Chinese law, and the university’s regulations (including dormitory regulation).

                                                                                       Security Department of ZJIC

                                                                                       International Exchange Center of ZJIC


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