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Information School
2015-11-13 18:29   审核人:

It includes three teaching and research sections of computer, communication technology and training center, and three majors of computer network technology (the direction of network and the direction of internet of things), computer information management, and communication technology, in which the major of communication technology is the key construction major of demonstration vocational institute in Zhejiang Province and the key construction major of state backbone vocational institute.

Introduction to Communication Technology

Training Objective:

In order to meet the requirement of modern communication service, the diploma in communication technology equips students not only with the basic communication knowledge on equipment, network, ICT Unified Communication etc., but also with the technology and skills of constructing, designing, maintaining in communication engineer. With all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and aesthetic, graduates are expected to be interdisciplinary technological and skilled talents with high professional Quality, strong innovative consciousness and good sense of team spirit and.

Training pattern:

According to the requirement of interdisciplinary technological and skilled talents in modern communication service, our school combines with the leading enterprise in communication industry to implement reformed personnel training mode of three-period working and learning alternation, including “Pose Practical Experience ”, “School-Enterprise Cooperation Teaching” and “Pre-employment Internship ”. In addition, we jointly develop curriculum, compile teaching material, and implement theory-practice integrated collaborative teaching based on Systematic Work Process by practical project.

Professional Competence:

To cultivate applied professional talents with skills of constructing, managing, surveying, designing in communication engineer, with competences of installing, debugging, and maintenance on communication apparatus( such as switch, transmission, data communication, base station, and electrical source etc ), with capacities of application, networking and maintaining in the area of ICT Unified Communication, with abilities of reading and drawing communication map as well as compiling Budget Proposal, with abilities of coordination, organization and on-site information acquisition, with good interpersonal communication skills and cooperative abilities.

Main course arrangement

The 6th semester

Internship in Enterprise

The 5th semester

The 4th semester

Professional Core CourseSchool-Enterprise Cooperation Teaching

Engineering and Construction of Communication Lines

Communication Engineering Budget

Wireless Network Optimization

Comprehensive Professional Training

Comprehensive Training of Communication Engineering

Comprehensive Training of

Three Networks Convergence

Basic Literacy Course

Communication Engineering Supervision

Enterprise Culture and Regulations in Communication

The 3rd semester

Professional core courseSchool-Enterprise Cooperation Teaching

Optical Transmission Network and Access Technology

Mobile communication network and Maintenance

Establishment and Maintenance of Data Communication etwork

Surveying and Mapping of Communication Engineering

Basic Literacy Course

Electronic Commerce

Computer Assembly and Maintenance

Network and Information Security

Specialized English for Communication

Pose Practical Experience In enterperise

The 2nd semester

Professional basic course

Introduction to Communication Netwrok

Electronic Communication Technology and Practice

Basic Literacy Course

Practical English

The 1st semester

Professional basic course

Circuit Analysis and Making

Basic Literacy Course

Practical Higher Mathmatics

Practical English

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